Property Insurance Solutions for Every Business

Your property, whether it’s a private home or a place of business, is one of your most important assets, and it’s essential that you treat it as such. There are many types of property insurance on the market, and finding the right one for your building is absolutely critical.

Here at Ascott Insurance, we have been protecting our clients’ property with tailored insurance solutions for more than 50 years. We specialise in property insurance that guarantees you have the coverage you need for all eventualities.

Property Insurance

Who can benefit from property insurance?

We provide professional advice and first-class property insurance for all owners of domestic and commercial properties. Whether you’re a private homeowner, a landlord or letting agent, a property management firm, or a commercial building owner, we put together the ideal package to meet your particular needs. These are just some of the clients we work with:

Ascott Insurance - Residential Properties
Ascott Insurance - Commercial Properties

Commercial Property Owners

We work with businesses large and small across the UK, making sure their commercial premises are fully protected, as well as their employees and visitors while on site.

Residential Property Owners

While we specialise in commercial insurance, we also help private clients with their high-value insurance needs. We put together insurance policies that save you money without skimping on cover.

Landlords, Letting Agents, and Property Managers

Our landlord’s insurance package ensures that your rented properties are covered to a suitable standard and that you are meeting your legal obligations as the building owner.
Property Insurance

What Ascott Insurance Can Do For You

Construction and Development Insurance

When building or developing a property, you need to protect against accidental damage, personal injury, faulty equipment, stolen assets, and so much more. We provide you with the perfect construction package; see our Scaffolding and Construction page for more details.

Engineering Inspection Insurance

A large building may include major pieces of machinery, such as lifts, window gantries, pressure and compressor systems, lifting equipment, and more. When these break down, you may find yourself liable for repair costs as well as compensation for your tenants or staff. With our engineering inspection insurance, you are covered for these expenses, ensuring a fast turnaround on repairs.

Legal Indemnity Insurance

When buying or selling a property, nasty surprises can sometimes occur that will affect the value when you’re already well into the purchasing process. Legal indemnity insurance from Ascott Insurance will make sure your interests are fully covered throughout and protect you from any financial loss.

Distressed and High-Risk Buildings Insurance

High-risk commercial properties include those where the odds of fire or damage are more pronounced, making your premiums more expensive and the building more costly to manage. You need a specialist policy to protect your distressed assets—something that we can help you with.

Vacant Properties Insurance

Void and vacant properties have their own unique requirements when it comes to insurance. These include making sure they have the right security arrangements in place and are regularly inspected for signs of damage and attempted entry. We can help you find the right solution for your empty buildings.

Terrorism Insurance

Commercial and industrial buildings may become targets for terrorist attacks, something that is not always covered by a standard policy. We can help you recoup your costs in such an event, whether that’s repair work, personal injury, or lost productivity.


Get the right property insurance today

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