Life and Healthcare Cover

At Ascott Insurance, we understand that protecting what matters most to you—whether it’s your business, your employees, or your personal well-being—is paramount. That’s why we’ve partnered with Willoughby Bespoke Protection to offer a comprehensive suite of life and healthcare insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Life and Healthcare
Your Business Protected

Protecting your business is essential for its long-term success and stability. The business protection solutions provided are designed to provide financial security and peace of mind in the face of unforeseen events. Whether concerned about the impact of losing a key team member, protecting debt or shareholders.

With Ascott Insurance, the focus can be on growing your business with confidence, knowing that there is the support needed to overcome any obstacle.

Ascott Insurance In Association with Willoughby Bespoke Protection - Life and Healthcare

Protecting Employees

Employees are the most valuable asset, and their well-being is crucial to the success of any organisation. 

From comprehensive group life cover that provides financial security for employees and their families to critical illness cover that offers peace of mind in the event of a serious illness diagnosis, solutions can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of your team. 

Family Protection

Ensuring the financial security and well-being of loved ones is a top priority. Personal protection solutions are designed to provide peace of mind and reassurance that your family will be taken care of. Whether looking for life cover to provide financial security for the family or critical illness cover to ease the financial burden of a serious illness, there is coverage available.

With Ascott Insurance, it’s possible to rest easy knowing that loved ones will be provided for and protected, allowing the focus to remain on what matters most in life.

Ascott Insurance In Association with Willoughby Bespoke Protection - Life and Healthcare

What Are The Types of Life and Healthcare Protection

Business Protection –
Key Person Cover
Director/Shareholder Cover
Loan Protection
Relevant Life Cover
Critical Illness Cover
Executive Income Protection
Private Medical Cover

Employee Benefits –
Group Life Cover
Group Critical Illness Cover
Group Income Protection
Group Private Medical Cover

Personal Protection –
Life Cover
Critical Illness Cover
Children’s Critical Illness Cover
Income Protection
Accidental Death Cover
Fracture and Injury Cover
Private Medical Cover

Life and Healthcare

Why Choose Ascott Insurance?

For over five decades, we’ve been assisting individuals with life and healthcare insurance coverage. In partnership with Willoughby Bespoke Protection, and with a wealth of collective experience spanning centuries, our team of experts is dedicated to providing unparalleled advice, guidance, and insurance solutions.


Get the right life and healthcare cover today

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Ascott Insurance In Association with Willoughby Bespoke Protection - Life and Healthcare