Commercial Insurance Solutions for the Scaffolding and Construction Industries

If you work in the construction industry or any sector that involves the use of scaffolding rigs, you already know how important it is to get the right insurance. These are high-risk industries, not just for your team but potentially for your clients and any passers-by. Working at heights brings automatic risks to any business, and these need to be adequately covered by a suitable insurance policy.

Here at Ascott Insurance, we bring decades of experience in commercial insurance to every project, with special consideration to our valued clients in the construction and scaffolding sectors. We are not just first-class insurance brokers; we are also proud members of the Scaffolding Association and specialists in providing tailored insurance solutions for construction companies across the UK.

Scaffolding & Construction

Common problems finding the right commercial insurance

In the years we have been in business, Ascott Insurance has worked with hundreds of construction and scaffolding companies nationwide. We understand, better than anyone, the problems you encounter when searching for the best package for you and your business. These are just some of the most common issues, based on extensive feedback from our former and current clients:

Expensive Insurance

One of the biggest concerns for any scaffolding or construction firm is the cost of insurance. It’s a potentially high-risk business; you know that, and so do the insurers. Getting a good rate on your insurance without skimping on coverage can be difficult unless you have the right experience and expertise to negotiate a deal.

Right Type Of Cover

Lots of things can go wrong in the construction and scaffolding industries—everything from accidental damage to buildings and equipment to injuries to staff and passers-by to theft of tools and other assets. Does your current insurance package cover all of those eventualities, or are you leaving yourself exposed?

Employee Injuries

Scaffolding and construction jobs can be high-risk, which is why you follow all relevant health and safety guidance and hire workers you can trust to do the same. Sometimes accidents happen, despite these precautions. If someone gets injured at work, how can you make sure they get the help they need and the compensation they deserve?

Damage to Vehicles or Property

If your work vehicles break down or your equipment is damaged, how do you complete your current project on time and under budget? If something goes wrong on site and the property is damaged, how can you afford to pay for the repairs?

Scaffolding & Construction

What Ascott Insurance can do for you

If you’ve come across any of those problems or more, then you have come to the right place. With decades of relevant, hands-on experience under our collective belts, we have developed effective solutions to each of those issues. These are just some of the ways we can help you get the perfect insurance package to meet your unique requirements:

Competitive Insurance, One Point of Contact

As one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers, we are entirely independent and not tied to a single insurer. We work closely with multiple insurance companies across the country, securing the best cover at the best rate for all of our clients in the scaffolding and insurance industries. We do all the legwork so that you don’t have to. We remain your sole point of contact, liaising between you and our various insurer partners to get you the right deal.

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Preferential rates and off-market schemes

With more than 50 years in the industry, we have well-established partnerships with some of the UK’s largest insurance companies that specialise in scaffolding insurance and construction insurance. These professional relationships allow us to offer the very best rates to our clients, including insurance solutions that are not available anywhere else.

Right Type Of Cover

We are members of the Scaffolders Association, and we regularly refer to them to get the latest industry legislation and guidance. This ensures that any insurance package we put together for you will meet the unique needs of your business. We offer a wide variety of insurance solutions, including the following:

Public Liability: protect yourself from accidental damage or injury to third-party properties and individuals.

Employers Liability: cover the costs of any claims by employees for illness or injury that occur as a result of employer negligence.

Tools: cover the cost of replacing tools or repairing equipment, should they be stolen or damaged on site.

Personal Accident: protect you and your team, should any of you be permanently injured or killed in an accident.

Contract Works: cover your losses if your current project is damaged or destroyed prior to completion.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: protect your company against claims for loss made by your client as a result of services or advice you have provided.


Get the right Scaffolding and Construction insurance today

Whatever your insurance needs might be, our team of experts is here to help. Get in touch with Ascott Insurance today on 01942 888 888 to arrange a free consultation, or send an enquiry through our online contact form or directly to Don’t waste any more time searching for the best scaffolding or construction insurance; let us find it for you today.

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