Commercial Insurance Solutions for the Hotel and Leisure Industries

The hospitality industry has its own unique set of risks, unlike any other sector. With hotels, event venues, and other locations often providing a wide range of services to their clients, they are presented with a list of potential liabilities that are equally diverse.

Here at Ascott Insurance, we have been working with our clients in the hotel and leisure sectors for more than fifty years, developing and providing bespoke insurance solutions that cover all of your risks.

Hotel & Leisure

Common problems with hotel and leisure insurance

When our clients inform us of the problems they face in finding the right insurance to meet their specific needs, we take notice. These are just some of the most common issues, based on extensive feedback from those clients:

Ascott Insurance - Hotel & Leisure Industry Insurance
Ascott Insurance - Hotel & Leisure Industry Insurance

Expensive Insurance

Liability insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, and the more you offer your customers, the more cover you need. From hosting events like weddings and corporate functions to hotel facilities like gyms and swimming pools to day-to-day services such as food and drinks, there is always the risk of a claim. Juggling these risks can be time-consuming as well as expensive, and you can never be sure you’ve got the right cover for the job. We strive to obtain the most competitive premium whilst maintaining your cover needs.

Loss of Earnings

As part of the hospitality industry, you’re only earning money when you’re providing a service to your customers. Unfortunately, there’s a whole range of risks that can put your cash flow on hold—everything from fire, flood, and infectious diseases to staffing issues, damaged equipment, and utility failures. All of these things and more have been shown to deter customers and affect your income.

Reputation Damage

Understanding the unique challenges faced by businesses in the hotel and leisure sector when it comes to protecting reputation. Cover is specifically tailored to address the nuanced risks inherent in this industry. From negative reviews and customer complaints to unforeseen incidents affecting guest safety, providing comprehensive protection to mitigate financial losses and preserve brand credibility.

Hotel & Leisure

What Ascott Insurance Can Do For You

With decades of experience in the hospitality sector, we are able to assist you with all of these problems and more. These are just some of the ways we can help you get the perfect insurance package to meet your unique requirements:

A Single Point of Contact

When putting together an insurance package for your venue, we discuss the potential risks in detail, making sure that nothing is missed. We partner with some of the biggest names in the insurance industry, allowing us to negotiate the best terms and coverage for you. You don’t need to ring around a dozen or more insurers to get a policy that works; we do all that work for you. What’s more, in the event of a claim against your policy, we handle that for you as well; see our Claims page for more details.

Loss of Earnings: Covered

We’ve already discussed the many ways that your income streams can be interrupted. We can put together an insurance solution that covers all of those reasons and more. Business interruption insurance is one of our specialty areas, protecting you from everything from structural damage to staff walkouts.

Reputation Damage: Covered

While we can’t stop guests from reporting their bad experiences online, we can help you mitigate the damage it does to your business. Reputation cover will not only help to resolve the matter quickly; it can also provide you with financial recompense for any losses incurred as a result.


Get the right hotel and leisure insurance today

Whatever your hospitality insurance needs might be, you can depend on us to deliver them. Get in touch with Ascott Insurance today on 01942 888 888 to arrange a free consultation, or send an enquiry through our online contact form or directly to

Ascott Insurance - Hotel & Leisure Industry Insurance